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If you live in Sweden, use the second form; otherwise, use first form. If you live in North America, we suggest you use the form on Mike Lawrence’s home page.
  All orders should be paid in advance.

(1) Orders outside of Sweden

Fill in the form below, then press the button ”Order”. Please, note that no books are sent out before the order has been paid. The price per book is SEK 140.
  For postage, add SEK 80 for one book, SEK 130 for two books, or SEK 180 for three or four books.
  The preferred method of payment is to use PayPal. If you don’t have an account there, you can open one for free. Then, pay the correct sum to order@newbridgelaw.com
  As soon as we get a message from PayPal that your money has arrived, we will notify you by e-mail (if you have given us your e-mail address) and send out the book(s) by first-class mail.
  If you, for some reason can’t pay with PayPal, a bank transfer to Scania Bridgekonsult is OK too.

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(2) Beställningar inom Sverige

Fyll i formuläret nedan och tryck sedan på knappen ”Beställ”. Lägg märke till att beställningen måste betalas i förskott (Bankgiro eller Swish). Priset är 140 kr per bok.
  Frakt tillkommer: 54 kr för en bok, 72 kr för två böcker, 90 kr för tre eller fyra böcker.
  Betalningen sker enklast till Scania Bridgekonsults bankgiro 600-2323 eller med Swish till 070-2814171 (Anders Wirgren).

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